Buyers notice everything – good and bad. From the moment they walk in the front door, they
are trying to determine if this is the right home for them and their family. If you have your
home listed for sale, paying attention to what the buyers notice can mean the difference
between an offer and a missed opportunity.

8 Things Buyers Notice as Soon as they Walk In
1. Light – A bright home is inviting. Make sure you fill your home with lots of natural light
or a soft evening glow.
2. Smell – Nothing is less inviting than a strong odor. Even candles and air fresheners can
be overwhelming. Less is more and make sure nothing unpleasant is lingering.
3. Space – Remove any unneeded furniture and offer a spacious home which flows.
4. Ceilings – Of course you can’t make your ceilings higher, but make sure they are free
from water stains because buyers will look up.
5. Pictures and Personal Items – Remove personalization as much as possible so the
buyers can imagine their family in the home.
6. Outdated Furnishings and Fixtures – If your home is filled with hand-me-downs,
consider a professional stager. Old wall paper or outdated paint colors should be
replaced as well.
7. Dirty, Grimy Rooms – Most important, clean everything thoroughly. Nothing is less
appealing than a dirty home.