1. If the home is vacant, leave the utilities on and pilot lights lit.
2. Make sure all of the electrical sockets, light fixtures, switches and fans work.
3. Confirm that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors operate.
4. Clean the stove and the oven so they won’t smoke and set off an alarm when they are tested.
5. Verify all doors and windows open and close and all hardware works.
6. Clear obstructions around the furnace, water heaters and attic access.
7. Leave the keys for outbuildings and exterior electrical boxes.
8. Remove brush and debris from exterior inspection points.
9. Gather documentation for renovations or repairs that have been made.
10. Provide sketch showing the location of the septic tank and well if applicable.
11. Remove or crate your pets.
12. Plan to be away from the home for approximately 3 hours.
13. Consider having the home pre-inspected so you can fix any problems before the official inspection.